Was it form or was it function?

What came first? similar to the question, was it chicken or was it the egg? Does form follow function? or does function follow form?

Louis Sullivan originally coined the phrase “form follows function”. I agree with this statement. It is due to the many different instances in which this statement can be applied.

And then one day it happened: form, which always follows Function, crosses the line into outright stalking.For instance, an architect will not draw plans for a building without knowing it’s purpose. Is it going to be a storefront with a bedroom apartment above it?  Is it going to be a condo building? A bank? an office building?

The reason to need to know the building specifics is in order put together a building (form) that supports to business (function). In the case of building a condo building, you need a lobby space, a mail room and a variety of different bedroom condos. You have the functions of the building now you just need the layout and form. It is a basic essential principle of architecture and design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az883Iqfndo

An additional supporting point is the human body. Form follows function. Through my previous schooling at Brock University I know that red blood cells have a very unique shape. The shape allows molecules to diffuse in and out of the cell such as oxygen and carbon dioxide and is also supported by the article, “Function of Red Blood Cells” written by Regina Bailey.

It is due to these examples and my previous research that I am a strong believer that form follows function. Are you? do you agree? or would you argue that function follows form?





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