Crashing into the blogosphere​

It’s like being a first-time passenger in a flight to Hawaii. You have anxiety, fear or pure panic and just hope you come out alive. This is me. I’m a student at St. Lawrence College and new to blogging. Here to blog for an assignment, which I’ve been given the do’s and don’ts and it has me in a panic.

I’d consider it like a plane. You know what is going to or should happen with a relatively smooth runwayplane.jpg that may be slightly bumpy as your taking off. but before you become a well-seasoned traveller you must learn to have the essentials, like a blog.

Every blog and plane needs structure. The body of a plane provides structure to build upon. It is similar to blog structure. Needed is an attention-grabbing headline (plane name), followed by the sentence to hook you in like a seat belt. The second and third sentences provide insight into what the blog is about (steward giving directions in case of an emergency). This allows you to build upon your blog and flying experience.

flightHow are you doing? are we still holding on? thank goodness the wheels and wings are still attached. Format keeps the plane flying and a blog going. Aside from the writing and grammar of a blog, short paragraphs of 4 or 5 lines with pictures and videos keep a readers interest and continuously reading.

My personal favourite essential which may just cause the plane to crash or hit turbulence is my own distress in making it personal. Making myself real to you as the readers. This can be done by talking about personal experiences as it can make you feel


more connected to me as the writer. This is the part when I fear the plane may be headed for doom. Who would want to read what I write? what would make my life interesting to you?

As a bloggerand writer, I’m quite outside of my comfort zone. At this time, I’d like to applaud all of you for making it through my blog post. There may have been turbulence and emotions involved but the plane has made a safe landing with all of its structure, wings, belts, and wheels in tack. Which means the passengers made it safely! so, if you’re with me, where are we off to next?




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