The big event

Quite possibly the biggest event of the year! It’s expected to gross 500 million dollars in a single day with nearly all ad spots filled. It’s the Superbowlsuperbowl

Not only is this day HUGE for football but it’s also huge for brands to advertise. The event had nearly 114 million viewers in previous years causing the cost to advertise to rise. Brands pay approximately 5 million dollars alone to get airtime during the event for a single time slot. These advertisements are well done and seen as entertainment, though companies use these ads to promote new products and gain the interest of new consumers.

Brands such as Doritos and Mountain Dew use the airtime to promote a new product. As in picture Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. Click here for commercial. These brands use creative positioning making the advertisements fun to watch and enjoyable. Other brands such as Michelob Ultra used the Superbowl to target new individuals.

Michelob Ultra went out to target individuals living the healthy lifestyle with their low calorie, low carb beer. This is geared to both men and women looking to avoid the “beer gut” along with a healthy balance between fitness and alcohol. The Superbowl was the place to do this! as both men and women alike come together to watch the Superbowl and indulge in both food and beverage. Click here to watch.

ultra 2                               ultra

The Superbowl allows consumers to gain fresh eyes and spark interest in their product. It is a day that brings young and old individuals, both males and females to one event, through live experience, broadcast and digital platforms. It is a day that gives companies the potential to gain thousands of new buyers for new products and experiences. What product will the Superbowl have you wanting to try next?





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