In a yellow submarine

pexels-photo-214574Imagine, being 1 of 100 people hand-picked from around the world to explore the deep blue sea in a yellow submarine. The night before the launching everyone goes out to celebrate together. Only to find out the next morning, you have been divided into 4 different submarines. This is echo chambers.

A shocking new concept I learned just the other day. Used in social media’s such as Facebook and Instagram it establishes your feed and the information you view. The media figures out what you like and then filters out everything else.

Sounds great right? Except for the fact that it’s not. It’s like being separated into those 4 yellow submarines based on your favourite vegetable (I would personally be a sugar snap pea). Launching into that great blue you are now separated from the world and can only socialize with the individuals in your little submarine.

man-person-people-emotionsSounds crazy right? Do not worry, you can still use the little yellow submarine radio to call to request information from the other submarine. Because you happen to be interested in finding out what vegetable they are categorized in, you only need to assert some effort in picking up the radio to get it.

This is Facebook and Instagram. All post you see are related to you, your interests and your likes. If there is something you like but it hasn’t been recognized as being a top interest, you now have to go out of the way to search for that information on the media.

I do not like this. I do not agree with this. It is strategic and smart as some have said and when used for advertisement and marketing, I think it is smart to targeting groups this way.

When it comes to echo chambers in social media, I do not approve. I’ve always seen

pexels-photo-915216social media as bringing people together much like the initial celebration of the chosen 100 individuals. but I see echo chambers as separating us and putting us into bubbles that protect us from what we do not know (4 little yellow submarines in the deep blue sea).


Here’s what I do know, ever since I noticed this change on Facebook and Instagram my use of the applications has significantly decreased. Due to the boredom of seeing essentially the same topic over and over again.

And as human beings, do we not grow from being exposed to new concepts or have our eyes opened by new experiences? If we are now being subjected to these echo chambers how will we be challenged to consider new ideas, theories and be forced to consider other views, topics or interests?


Ponder that,



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