Floating upon a blog

White thrashing waters or a smooth sailing river? everyone considers blogging differently. For some writing comes easily and naturally causing a calming effect while others find it stressful and only a relief when finished. boulder-cascade-creek-428065.jpg

Now you should be warned this is very much a reflection post. If your in for the read then put on that life jacket of yours and get your oars at the ready.

My experience with blogging thus far has been white rapids while staying afloat in a raft. Writing in general does not feel like an easy feat for me as mention in Crashing into the blogosphere.


The blogs I had to write this school year have felt more like me staying afloat trying to navigate my way through the rapids without oars.

On our way to the finish, I have learned that the initial take off in blog writing is hard and can be rough. You can be anxious going into the unknown of what to write, and may question your writing. I was thankfully given the tools for the initial start, the raft, life jacket and oars to direct myself.

I find speaking with analogies makes it easier to survive and stay in the raft but it also makes your writing and your blogging more relatable. They keep you from falling out of raftingthe raft and be stuck amongst the rocks to take the journey alone because you are able understand what is being said and follow along.


That being said I don’t want to leave you, my readers to wonder this world alone. I think I may keep blogging, it would most likely be in a different direction. It would be more of fitness, health and travel (when I get the money). The experience though has shown me there is yet more interesting ways to express yourself and it doesn’t matter what others think (unless it’s teachers marking). Just do you.

Yet the question I ask myself is, should I quit while I’m ahead with the blog? or seek this out to see where it could take me?

What about you, were you able to stay in the raft? did you make it to the calm finish after conquering the rapids that life is sure to bring your way? Comment your thoughts below and if you’d like to see more from me.

Kind regards,

Beyonder the Mountain

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